FireProtect 2 SB (Heat/Smoke)


Product Info

FireProtect 2 is a next-gen device designed for instant fire detection. The unique smoke chamber does not require regular cleaning, the dual-spectrum sensor distinguishes smoke from steam, the thermistor quickly reacts to the synthetic materials burning, and sophisticated software minimizes false alarms. Everything meets the most modern fire safety standards. Thought-out design, mounting, and the in-app settings make installation straightforward and quick.


  • Up to 1,700m of communication distance with Ajax Hub
  • Heat/temperature and smoke sensors
  • Dual-spectrum optical smoke sensor to filter false alarms
  • Dustproof smoke chamber impenetrable for insects
  • 85dB built-in siren
  • Hassle-free installation with mounting panel SmartBracket with adjustable rotation angle
  • Informative in-app notifications
  • Interconnected alarm in 20 seconds
  • Sealed batteries with up to 10 years life
Product Brochures
  • AJAFIREPW Data Sheet