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TeamViewer Quick Support

Net2 Access Control Software

  • Net2 v6.07.13307.4930 (latest)
  • Net2 v6.05.9717.4442
    • Supported Integrations:
      • Clubware v4.8
  • Net2 v6.01.8113.3421
    • Supported Integrations:
      • Clubware v4.6, v4.7
  • Net2 v5.04.6217.4336
    • Supported Integrations:
      • Clubware v4.3, v4.4, v4.5
      • EZeMember v7.0.45.5 or later
  • Net2 v5.03.4427.3364
    • Supported Integrations:
      • Clubware v4.0, v4.2
      • EZeMember v7.0.45.4 or older

Net2 CCTV Integration Software

  • Dahua Paxton Net2 Driver v6.01 Onwards
  • Dahua Paxton Net2 Driver v5.03 - v6.0
  • Hikvision Paxton Net2 Driver

Entry Configuration Utility

  • Entry Configuration Utility - Latest Version

Satel Upload/Download Software

  • PERFECTA Soft – For PERFECTA Alarm Panel
  • DLOADX – For INTEGRA Alarm Panel
  • ABAX2 – For ABAX2 Wireless Equipment
  • GX Soft – For GSM-X, GPRS-A Communication Modules
  • MTX Soft – For MTX-300 Wireless Control Unit
  • USB Drivers – For Satel USB programming lead

Dahua CCTV Software

  • SmartPSS Lite v1.004 Windows
  • SmartPSS v2.003 Mac
  • Configuration Tool Windows
  • Configuration Tool Mac

Uniview (UNV) IP CCTV Software

  • EZStation v3.12.0 Windows 64-bit
  • EZStation v3.9.2 Windows 32-bit
  • EZStation v3.10.1 Mac
  • EZTools Windows

Texecom Software

  • Wintex v8.2.0.0
  • Ricochet Monitor v2.18.10.0
  • Lantronix Discovery Tool for ComIP
  • Drivers for Direct Connect USB Cable