We updated the mobile app for INTEGRA alarm systems

Categories: New Products, News|Published On: June 30, 2023|
New features, refreshed user interface and support for voice assistants. We introduced these functions alongside more quality improvements in the latest release of INTEGRA CONTROL.

We strive to constantly develop INTEGRA systems and their functionality. This is the most advanced series of alarm control panel available in our product portfolio. Yet today, INTEGRA is something more than a professional alarm system.

Such an extensive ecosystem needs equally advanced methods of control, including remote control. The new version of INTEGRA CONTROL gives user new options to command and supervise their systems.

Version 6.0 adds an entirely new feature: now users can create shortcuts to selected functions. These shortcuts can be in turn added to home screen, allowing users to quickly run them without having to open the app.

Created shortcuts can also be launched with voice assistants. In this update, we added support for the two most popular voice assistants: Google Assistant and Siri.
Moreover, INTEGRA CONTROL now works with automation apps. For example, you can make your app automatically establish the connection with control panel once your device connects to your home Wi-Fi network.

This update, INTEGRA CONTROL introduces more options to manage the system, and supervise connected devices. From now on, users can create and edit their personal schedules for the devices to run by. Before, every change required calling an installer.

Another new feature is the energy consumption preview. Users can check how much energy devices connected through the ASW-200 smart plug consume (note: AWS-200 is not currently available in the Australian market).

Additionally, users can check current room temperature and manage thermostats. All they have to do is to set their preferred temperature in the app, and the control panel will take care of the rest.

We’ve received numerous requests from our users regarding the interface. We wanted to fulfill these expectations, and thus we revamped the overall app appearance. However, we did not want to make this seem like a complete revolution. Instead, we focused on smooth transition for existing users between the previous interface and the new one. We achieved this by sticking to the previously outlined by our designers guidelines, and maintained the key navigation features from the previous versions of the app.
Last but not least, with the added support for critical alerts for iOS, users won’t miss any event logged by the system that requires their immediate attention. Similar feature is also available for Android and HarmonyOS users.
We are thrilled to deliver new features to our users. We’re waiting for your reviews and rating in Google Play, App Store and AppGallery.
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