The latest Net2 v5.04 software is now available!

Categories: New Products|Published On: April 16, 2017|


Net2 v5.04 software is now available!

The Net2 software has been updated with enhanced reporting and security options, see what’s new!

Net2 Software Teaser

Enhanced reporting

  • Export to a .csv file – for added convenience and greater accessibility
  • Events and unused tokens – display information on user activity within a set period and detect unused tokens
  • Access permissions – identify what access permissions users’ or departments have within a system
  • User information – compile information that is being held relating to individual user or groups
  • Time and date – advanced facilities allow the user to select a period of time to report on

Data protection and strengthened passwords

  • Users can be removed from the system and all events associated with them will be deleted
  • The options menu now includes an additional security tab enabling advanced security options; Password Strength and Automatic Logout & Event Retention settings

Greater flexibility with custom days

Custom days can now be created using a select date range, this gives greater flexibility to the user allowing them to add multiple dates at a time.

Demo software

It’s now possible to demo the Net2 software with Net2 Entry and Net2 PaxLock to give customers greater insight into their system.

Simplified events

Double tap events have been restricted to avoid confusion; an event will only display in a report if a valid rule exists for the reader in question and notifications for door forced and door left open alarms can be disabled if they are not required.

To get your copy of the software, please contact us on 1300 882 101, or if you are not registered for our download section of the website, click here.