Universal Binary Input Module


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Universal binary input module

KNX-BIN24 is a universal module of KNX binary inputs that enables electrical (voltage) signals to be converted into control telegrams for other devices on the bus. These signals may be generated by conventional ON/OFF buttons (to operate lighting, etc.) or by potential-free contacts of devices such as reed switches or sensors of various types of physical quantities.

The module has 8 physical inputs which allow it to handle 8 independent signals ranging from 0 to 30 V DC and AC.


  • communication with the KNX bus via integrated bus connector
  • definable channel polarity (NO / NC)
  • configurable time of short / long button press
  • virtual channels for receiving 1-bit telegrams from other KNX bus devices
  • virtual logic channels for creating logical links between module channels
  • virtual timer channels for creating time links
  • possibility to define 20 function blocks that perform one of the available functions:
    • switch / value transmitter
    • edge response
    • dimmer
    • shutter controller
    • switching sequence
    • counter
    • scene controller
  • possibility to control each function block using any channel
  • control of several function blocks using one channel
  • control of lighting and shutters using 1 or 2 buttons (channels)
  • ability to call a scene from any channel by using 8-bit commands
  • manual operation of physical channels status by using buttons on the enclosure
  • LEDs to indicate status of physical channels
  • module configuration using ETS program
  • suitable for mounting on DIN rail (35 mm)
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