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Comelit art. UT9279M

Module with number keypad for Ultra entrance panel, compatible with all systems. Can be used as a module to directly call the user when the relevant code is known, and for the access control function with activation of the on-board relays and the audio or audio/video module outputs and the system actuators. The access codes can be Permanent (always valid), metered (valid for a specific number of uses) or associated with a validity date. In the latter case, each code can be assigned a start date/validity end date, dual daily time band, validity days. Each access code can be assigned up to 4 zones. The function enabling playback for the corresponding audio message when each button is pressed can be activated. There is also an event log containing all information (codes activated, user who used them, users called, etc.) which can store up to 1275 events. Has a Wiegand output for interfacing with access control systems. Automatic button backlight switch-off during daytime hours via the twilight sensor for the paired audio or audio/video module. Anodised aluminium alloy coating. Dimensions: 100x90x35 mm (1 Ultra module).

Product Brochures
  • ULTRA Series Brochure
  • INT-C-UT9279M Installation Manual
  • INT-C-UT9279M Programming Manual
Data Sheets
  • INT-C-UT9279M Data Sheet