SLIM Dual Tech Motion detector – WH


Product Info

SLIM-DUAL detects motion in the protected area. The device can be installed on the BRACKET D adjustable wall-and-ceiling mounting holder.

  • compliance with EN 50131 requirements for Grade 2
  • motion detection using two sensors: a passive infrared (PIR) sensor and a microwave (MW) sensor
  • adjustable detection sensitivity of both sensors
  • digital motion detection algorithm
  • digital temperature compensation
  • digital filter of signals received by the microwave sensor to ensure immunity to false alarms caused by the power network and discharge lamps
  • wide-angle lens, designed specifically for SLIM LINE detectors
  • option to replace the wide-angle lens with a curtain (CT-CL2) or long-range (LR-CL2) one
  • built-in end-of-line resistors (2EOL: 2 x 1,1 kΩ)
  • LED indicator
  • selectable color of LED indicator for alarm signaling (4 colors available)
  • LED indicator remote enable/disable
  • supervision of motion detection and supply voltage circuit
  • tamper protection against opening of enclosure
Product Brochures
  • S-PIR-SLIM Brochure
  • S-PIR-SLIM-DUAL Data Sheet
  • S-PIR-SLIM-DUAL Quick Installation Manual
  • S-PIR-SLIM-DUAL Installation Manual