Satel KNX-USB Interface


Product Info

KNX-USB interface

The KNX-USB interface enables communication between the KNX bus and a computer for programming and monitoring devices on the bus by using the ETS program. Additionally, the interface can work in the bus logging mode, in which the history of events generated on the KNX bus is saved to the interface non-volatile memory (up to 350 000 events).

In the bus logging mode, the interface does not support communication with the ETS program.


  • communication with the KNX bus via integrated bus connector
  • power supply from the KNX bus or from the computer USB port
  • galvanic isolation of the KNX system and computer
  • data transmission between the interface and the computer acc. to USB 2.0 standard
  • LEDs indicating the device status
  • easy to connect and use
Product Brochures
  • S-KNX-USB Data Sheet
  • S-KNX-USB Brochure
  • Satel KNX Module Brochure
  • Satel KNX Building Automation Brochure
  • S-KNX-USB Installation Manual