Product Info
Program for configuring PERFECTA control panels

Perfecta Soft allows programming of the PERFECTA control panels from your computer. This easy-to-use application will guide you step by step through the process of creating and configuring your alarm system, prompting you in real time for devices that can still be connected to the control panel. The application intuitive interface, convenience and ease of use makes the system configuration as simple and quick as never before.

Computer with the PERFECTA Soft program installed can be connected to the control panel using the TTL cable or remotely via cellular network (PERFECTA, PERFECTA LTE or PERFECTA 64 M) or Ethernet (PERFECTA-IP) ‒ it allows you to configure the control panel without having to stay on the premises. With the original communication solution, using the secure SATEL connection setup service*, no advanced configuration of network settings is required: establishing connection to the control panel via the server is a matter of a few clicks in the program.

  • operation in Windows 7/8/10 environment
  • programming of the alarm system based on the PERFECTA, PERFECTA LTE, PERFECTA-IP, PERFECTA-T and PERFECTA 64 M control panels
  • visualization of the alarm system on the computer monitor
  • reading the system event log
  • communication with the control panel:
    • direct connection to the computer via the control panel RS-232 port
    • over cellular network (PERFECTA, PERFECTA LTE, PERFECTA 64 M)
    • over Ethernet (PERFECTA-IP)