PERFECTA/INTEGRA Sensoric Keypad – Black


Product Info

The INT-KSG2R keypad with touch keys is designed for operating and programming the INTEGRA and INTEGRA Plus series control panels, as well as the PERFECTA 64 M control panel.

It is a device intended for those who appreciate attractive design, while at the same time wish to operate the alarm system and building automation components in the manner known from traditional keypads.

  • compatible with INTEGRA and INTEGRA Plus series control panels (INTEGRA Firmware 1.21 or higher) and PERFECTA 64 M control panel
  • large backlit graphic display
  • configurable screensaver with optional display of the clock, date, status of system components (partitions, zones, outputs), temperatures
  • backlit touch keypad:
    • 12 keys, marked according to the telephone standard, for data input
    • 4 function keys (INTEGRA: preset function selection; PERFECTA 64 M: arming in various modes/disarming)
    • 3 alarm-triggering keys (FIRE / AUX / PANIC)
    • 4 keys for activating macro-commands
    • support for swipe gestures (navigation across the menu)
  • control of the system using macro-commands activating various function in the control panel (including building automation)
  • built-in MIFARE proximity card reader (controlled by INTEGRA and INTEGRA Plus control panels) – for future applications
  • LEDs for signalling the current status of the system
  • built-in piezo transducer for acoustic signalling
  • 2 programmable wired zones (supported by control panels INTEGRA and INTEGRA Plus only):
    • support for NO and NC type detectors, and roller shutter and vibration detectors
    • support for the EOL, 2EOL and 3EOL configurations (3EOL in the case of INTEGRA Plus)
    • programmable values of EOL resistors
  • option to connect to RS-485 bus (software update over the bus)
  • tamper contact responding to the enclosure opening or detaching from the wall
  • available in white (INT-KSG2R-W) and black (INT-KSG2R-B)
Product Brochures
  • S-RKP-INT-KSG2R-B Data Sheet
  • S-RKP-INT-KSG2R Quick Install Manual
  • S-RKP-INT-KSG2R Installer Manual
  • S-RKP-INT-KSG2R PERFECTA System Manual
  • S-RKP-INT-KSG2R INTEGRA System Manual