PERFECTA ABAX 2 Wireless LCD Keypad


Product Info

PRF-LCD-A2 is a wireless keypad designed for daily operation of the PERFECTA 64 M control panels operating together with one of the ABAX 2 system controllers: ACU-220 or ACU-280. Two-way encrypted radio communication with the controller takes place at 868 MHz frequency band. Large keys, an LCD display and LEDs indicating system status make operating the system convenient and clear. Apart from the number keys, the keypad also features keys for quick activation of the selected arming mode (day, night, full) and triggering three alarms: Panic, Fire, Aux.

The PRF-LCD-A2 is fitted with a built-in reader of proximity cards and tags used for operating the alarm system. These may be used to switch on the full alarm mode, disarm the system or clear the alarm as well as to control devices connected to the alarm system outputs.

The main keypad’s power supply consists of two CR123A 3V batteries. Their condition is continuously monitored. The device operates in either wake-up or sleep mode (to save energy in case of inactivity). It is possible to further reduce power consumption by switching off the proximity card reader. The keypad can be provided with external power by connecting it to a 5 V DC power supply, e.g. APS-055. When the keypad is in the wake-up mode, it works in much the same way as the wired LCD keypad – the display is always on. In this mode, the batteries are only used if the external power supply is interrupted.

  • compatible with the PERFECTA 64 M control panel
  • operation as part of the ABAX 2 wireless system – the ACU-220 or ACU-280 controller (version 6.06 or higher) is necessary for communication with the control panel
  • two-way encrypted radio communication at the 868 MHz frequency band
  • range of radio communication in the open area: up to 800 m
  • large, easy to read LCD with configurable layout of the status display
  • backlit display and keys
  • LEDs for signalling the current status of the system
  • proximity card / tag reader
  • function keys for quick activation of the selected arming mode
  • FIRE, AUX and PANIC alarms triggered from the keypad
  • built-in piezo transducer for acoustic signalling
  • remote configuration and updating of firmware
  • signalling of the loss of communication with the control panel
  • tamper protection against opening of the enclosure and/or removal from the mount
  • power supply:
    • 2 CR123A 3 V batteries (required)
    • APS-055 5 V DC power supply (option)
Product Brochures
  • S-RKP-PRF-LCD-A2 Data Sheet
  • S-RKP-PRF-LCD-A2 Installation Manual
  • S-RKP-PRF-LCD-A2 Quick Install Guide