Paxton10 Wireless Connector


Product Info
  • Cascade up to three connectors from a single controller
  • Intelligently controlled through Paxton10 software
  • Sleek design for discreet ceiling or wall mounting
  • Connects to any Paxton10 controller
  • Built-in Bluetooth® wireless technology, to support the installation of Paxton10 PaxLock Pro


About – The Paxton10 Wireless Connector is a sleek and discreet interface to support wireless functionality within the Paxton10 system, it can be wall or ceiling mounted.

Installation – The connector plugs directly into a port on the Paxton10 Door or Video controller. Connectors are powered by the controller. Each connector can register up to 10 PaxLock Pro units. Maximum communication distance is 15 metres.

The connector’s compact, modern appearance makes it suitable for visible mounting on a wall or ceiling. Mounting is straightforward using the supplied mounting plate.

  • AC-P-010-687 Installation Manual
Data Sheets
  • AC-P-010-687 Data Sheet
  • Paxton10 Installer Guide