Paxton10 Keyfobs (Pack of 10)


Product Info
  • For use with a Paxton10 system
  • Durable, water resistant, wash-proof
  • Smart, compact design
  • Card and user information stored in encrypted, password protected sector
  • Lifetime guarantee

About – The Paxton10 Keyfobs are designed specifically for use with a Paxton10 system, and are available in packs of 10.

Operation – To issue the keyfob, the user’s information is entered into the Paxton10 web-based software. The keyfob is added to the system by presenting to a Paxton10 desktop reader (010-387).

Access is granted by holding the keyfob close to the reader. The users credentials are checked and the user is granted or denied access according to their permissions in the Paxton10 system.

Data Sheets
  • AC-P-010-170 Data Sheet
  • Paxton10 Installer Guide