Paxton10 Alarm Connector


Product Info
  • Connects to any Paxton10 controller
  • Two input, single output device
  • Intelligently controlled through Paxton10 software
  • Secure user-specific control of intruder alarms and fire alarm monitoring
  • A single board can restrict access to any number of doors across a site when the intruder alarm is armed, vastly reducing cabling

About – The Paxton10 Alarm Connector is a miniature I/O connector that allows fire and intruder alarms to integrate with a Paxton10 system. The discreet board has a compact design to fit neatly inside the alarm housing.

Installation – The alarm connector is placed in the enclosure of the fire or intruder alarm system. The connector has 2 inputs for monitoring and 1 output for arming or disarming an intruder alarm. Connectors are powered from a Paxton10 Door or Video controller. Each door or video controller supports 1 alarm connector.

  • AC-P-010-203 Installation Guide
Data Sheets
  • AC-P-010-203 Data Sheet
  • Paxton10 Installer Guide