INTEGRA Multifunction Expander For Card Readers


Product Info

Multifunction expander for card / chip readers

Extension module for INTEGRA control panels enabling proximity card readers and/or iButton chip readers to be connected to implement access control to and arming/disarming of the partition. The INT-R expander can interface with the INTEGRA and CA-64alarm control panels.


  • support for two proximity card / iButton chip readers
  • compatible with Wiegand format readers:
    • Wiegand 26
    • Wiegand 26/34/42/56 (version 3.02 or higher)
  • relay to control electromagnetic door lockinput for door status control
  • input for door opening with a buttoncapability to automatically open the door in case of fire alarm
  • tamper input
Product Brochures
  • S-INT-R Data Sheet
  • S-INT-R Installation Manual