INTEGRA LTE Communication Module


Product Info

INT-GSM LTE is an LTE communication module that allows INTEGRA and INTEGRA Plus series of alarm control panels to communicate via 2G, 3G or 4G cellular network. The device operates on control panel’s keypad bus. It supports two SIM cards. All cellular data transfers are encrypted in the AES 192 standard.

INT-GSM LTE reports events to two monitoring stations (e.g. security agencies) via cellular network. For this purpose it uses cellular data transfer and SMS messages, with the possibility of setting the priority for each of the mentioned transmission paths.

Event notifications are created automatically based on the control panel event memory. The module sends information via SMS messages or CLIP service (up to 16 numbers) and, in case of cooperation with the INTEGRA Plus control panel, also e-mails (up to 16 addresses). After installing the INTEGRA CONTROL app on a mobile device, PUSH notifications are available.

INT-GSM LTE cooperation with INTEGRA and INTEGRA Plus control panels opens access to remote system control via:

  • SMS messages
  • costless CLIP service
  • GUARDX program.

A big advantage of INT-GSM LTE device is the ability to work with the ETHM-1 Plus Ethernet module (RS-485 port connection). The duo allows for realization of Dual Path Reporting, in accordance with EN 50136, as well as for determining the priority of event monitoring tracks (Ethernet, cellular data and SMS). By default, cellular network is a backup communication channel for Ethernet.

Communication via cellular network enables wireless connection of the control panel and the computer with the installed DLOADX and GUARDX programs, and thus the configuration of the system, even from a remote location. Connection between the module and PC can be established via the SATEL connection setup service.

Module firmware updates are made via the RS-232 port or remotely, using the UpServ software (data transfer via cellular network).


  • cooperation with INTEGRA and INTEGRA Plus control panels (version 1.19 or higher)
  • two SIM cards support
  • possibility to check the pre-paid account balance
  • time synchronization with the NTP server or cellular network
  • messaging: SMS, CLIP, PUSH, e-mail (INTEGRA Plus)
  • remote control: SMS, CLIP, mobile application
  • reporting: cellular data (TCP/UDP), SMS messages
  • possibility of cooperation with the ETHM-1 Plus Ethernet module (version 2.07 or higher):
    • Dual Path Reporting, compliant with EN 50136
    • backup communication path
  • possibility of using the SATEL connection setup service
  • remote system operation via INTEGRA CONTROL app
    • Android (version 4.2.7 or higher)
    • iOS (version 5.0 or higher)
  • programming control panels by using DLOADX (version 1.19.004 or higher)
  • supervision of the alarm system by using GUARDX (version 1.19.000 or higher) – remote connection
  • cooperation with the INTEGRUM system (integration of multiple alarm systems based on the INTEGRA and INTEGRA Plus control panels)
  • module firmware updated remotely using UpServ
Product Brochures
  • S-GSM-INT-LTE Data Sheet
  • S-GSM-INT-LTE Installation Manual