INTEGRA 4.3″ Touchscreen Keypad – White


Product Info

The INT-TSG2 keypad is dedicated for operation and programming of the INTEGRA, INTEGRA Plus, VERSA and PERFECTA 64 M control panels. It is an ideal solution for users seeking easy daily operation of the alarm system and building automation elements, including the KNX system. The combination of compact size and universal design makes the device perfectly suited to both modern and traditional interiors.


  • 4.3″ capacitive glass touchscreen with swipe gesture support
    • 480×272 screen resolution, 16.7 million colours (true colour)
  • multi-level user customizable graphic interface
    • up to 8 24 additional screens
  • customizable and adaptable interface screens
  • more than 20 preset themes
  • custom themes support
  • widgets for keypad operation, control of the alarm system and automation devices connected to the control panel
  • system control via MACRO functions, which activate an entire chain of different commands (including building automation commands)
  • quick activation of PANIC, FIRE, and MEDICAL alarms
  • integration with the INTEGRA (INTEGRA Firmware 1.20 or higher), VERSA (VERSA Firmware 1.10 or higher) and PERFECTA 64 M control panels
  • screensaver with options to display clock, date, system component statuses (zones, doors, exits), and temperatures (INTEGRA, INTEGRA Plus, PERFECTA 64 M)
  • option to display a slideshow (photo frame function)
  • LEDs informing about the current system status, located above the screen
  • 2 programmable hardwired zones (INTEGRA and INTEGRA Plus only)
    • support for NO and NC type detectors, as well as roller shutter and vibration detectors;
    • support for EOL, 2EOL and 3EOL configuration (3EOL with the INTEGRA Plus only);
    • programming of end-of-line resistor values
  • built-in piezoelectric transducer for acoustic signalling
  • adjustment of acoustic signalling volume
  • adjustable screen brightness with day/night mode
  • built-in microSD memory card slot (for storing photo frame pictures and additional screen wallpapers)
  • tamper contact responding to the enclosure opening or detaching from the wall
  • available in white (INT-TSG2-W) and black (INT-TSG2-B) enclosure
Product Brochures
  • S-RKP-INT-TSH2/S-RKP-INT-TSG2 System Brochure
  • S-RKP-INT-TSG2-W Data Sheet
  • S-RKP-INT-TSG2 Installation Manual
  • S-RKP-INT-TSG2 PERFECTA System Manual
  • S-RKP-INT-TSG2 INTEGRA System Manual
  • S-RKP-INT-TSG2 Quick User Guide
  • S-RKP-INT-TSG2 User Guide