Ethernet Universal Monitoring Module


Product Info

ETHM-A is a universal monitoring module which can operate autonomously, as part of an intruder alarm system or in automation systems. The module allows transmission of information via the Ethernet network.

In intruder alarm systems, the module can be used for event reporting, when connected to an alarm control panel via its dialler. ETHM-A can also be connected to a control panel using suitably configured control panel outputs connected to the module inputs.

ETHM-A has 8 inputs which can be programmed as NO, NC or analogue to work with devices equipped with NO or NC outputs, analogue sensors or D/A converters. Additionally, it is equipped with a 1-Wire digital sensor bus and can be connected to max 8 detectors (e.g., temperature) with a maximum bus length of 30 m. In this way, the module can be used to collect and transmit various types of data within the IoT, e.g., current temperature, humidity level and others.  ETHM-A can also transmit to the monitoring station events that have taken place in the alarm system (e.g., arming, alarms and others).

ETHM-A has 4 transistor outputs (OC). They can be controlled remotely, e.g., using the GX CONTROL mobile app, a computer with the GX Soft software installed or within the IoT.

The module can also be used to send PUSH notifications to mobile devices with the GX CONTROL app installed and via e-mail.

To program and configure the module, a PC with the GX Soft software installed is required. ETHM-A supports local connection (USB) or remote connection (Ethernet). The ETHM-A firmware can be updated remotely using the UpServ software.

  • audio monitoring conversion (SIA/DTMF/pulse)
  • messaging: PUSH/E-mail
  • 8 programmable inputs (NO/NC/analogue)
  • 1-Wire digital sensor bus (up to 8 detectors)
  • configurable module response to exceeded programmed threshold values:
    • from analogue inputs
    • from 1-Wire sensors
  •  4 OC type outputs controlled:
    • remotely via GX CONTROL
    • locally/remotely via GX Soft
    • remotely by IoT
    • locally using 8 module inputs
  • support for open communication protocols:
    • MQTT
    • JSON
  • configuration of the module settings with GX Soft
    • locally via USB
    • remotely via Ethernet
  • support for the GX CONTROL mobile app
  • remote update of firmware via UpServ
Product Brochures
  • S-COM-ETHM-A Brochure
  • S-COM-ETHM-A Data Sheet
  • S-COM-ETHM-A Quick Manual
  • S-COM-ETHM-A Installation Manual