AJAX KeyPad TouchScreen – Wireless 5″ LCD Touchscreen Keypad (B)


Product Info

Contactless Ajax system control

KeyPad TouchScreen combines security and smart home device management. With an intuitive interface, multiple language options, and smartphone-like familiarity, it’s easy to use. The large display, DESFire technology, and code options ensure a secure and efficient experience.

One device, three missions

Security management Smart home control Events notifications
Easily manage security for multiple groups. Users can view what’s armed and make changes with just one touch whether it’s securing one group, multiple groups, activating night mode, or arming everywhere. It’s all simple and straightforward. The keypad features a separate control tab for automation devices, with the capacity for up to 6 buttons. Groups simplify the process of controlling multiple switches, relays, or sockets. For instance, users can assign all LightSwitches to one button and easily turn off all the lights in the entire house when they go to bed. Stay always informed with the built-in buzzer, receiving notifications about alarms, door openings, and entry/exit delays. Effortlessly adjust the sound volume on a smartphone or PC. Remain one step ahead with the keypad’s malfunction notifications during arming.

Three authentication methods

There are three easy ways to control the keypad, giving users the flexibility to choose what suits them best. All events display in the feed, including user activity and authentication details.

Smartphone Pass card and Tag key fob Code
Сontrol the keypad via  smartphone with an Ajax app. Only those approved by the admin have access rights. When someone uses the Pass card or the Tag key fob, it’s recorded in the event feed of the Ajax apps. The system admin can revoke or restrict the access rights of the contactless access device at any time. KeyPad TouchScreen supports code types as follows:

  • keypad code (one per keypad)
  • personal code (individual for each user)
  • code for an unregistered person
BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) is a low-energy radio protocol that makes it possible to use a smartphone instead of cards or key fobs. KeyPad TouchScreen supports Android and iOS smartphones with BLE 4.2 and above.

Users can configure access control settings. Data transmission between the smartphone and KeyPad TouchScreen is encrypted. The system incorporates measures to prevent spoofing attacks, making it impossible for burglars to gain unauthorized access.

To identify users quickly and securely, KeyPad TouchScreen features the DESFire® technology. It is the best-in-class contactless solution to identify the user by card or key fob.

DESFire® is based on the ISO 14443 international standard and combines comprehensive 128-bit encryption and copy protection. This technology is also used in transportation systems of European capitals and access systems at NASA.

From the user’s perspective, contactless access works simply. To disarm the system, all you need is to present a card or a key fob to the keypad. But there is an impressive technology behind this simplicity. Pass cards and Tag key fobs are equipped with DESFire® chips. We compared them to the chips used in most access systems around the world.

The system prevents unauthorized individuals from guessing the access code. This helps enhance security and ensures that only authorized users can gain access.

Users have the capability to change the access code remotely. At the same time, the access code used in the system is always hidden, meaning it is not visible to others when entered. This feature reduces the risk of keypad theft attempts.

Unique touch screen operation experience

High-resolution screen accommodates all necessary controls, ensuring a visually stunning and high-quality display. With automatic brightness adjustment and a sleek glass material, the product offers aesthetics and convenience.

  • 5-inch screen with a resolution of 480 × 854 px
  • Bright during the day, not blinding at night
  • Screen protection against scrapes, scratches, etc.
Product Brochures
  • AJAKEYTSW Data Sheet