AJAX 16ch NVR Network IP Video Recorder (W)


Product Info

Guiding video to top-tier security

NVR brings the synergy of video surveillance and Ajax systems. Experience unparalleled system response speed, ensuring instant access to video archive, even on the go. Wide compatibility makes almost any IP camera integrated with intrusion protection and automation. NVR carries the legacy of a professional security system trusted by millions of users worldwide.

 Key features

Instant alarm verification in high-resolution ONVIF/RTSP support Adjustable motion detection for cameras HDD status notifications in the app
Fast archive navigation with dual stream technology Archive synchronization with system events Сustomizable virtual videowall Auto-search cameras in the network for fast connection
SmartBracket mount with a tamper Up to 16 TB SATA HDD support Remote control and configuration
Multi-tiered security: 2FA, session control, and password/biometric login H264/H265 support Two colours

Performative hardware with elegance

  • Fanless design
  • Built-in power supply unit
  • Tamper button
  • HDD fixation
  • LED indicator

A device with no hidden agenda

All data is securely stored within the European Union and is in full compliance with European data protection standards.

Ajax NVR is NDAA-compliant, with every component sourced from manufacturers trusted and approved by the US government. It is versatile and can be installed in any location. Additionally, Ajax NVR has undergone independent cybersecurity tests to ensure its safety and reliability.

Customizable videowall for simultaneous monitoring

Integrate all your visual data in a streamlined interface. The Videowall tab combines the latest snippets from IP cameras and MotionCam series detectors, offering a comprehensive view of your space. Rearrange tiles according to your preference. The videowall is accessible on both mobile and desktop apps.

Smooth archive search

Effortlessly access the archive by clicking on an event in the notification log, instantly directing you to the precise camera recording at the event’s timestamp. Everything is one click away with our advanced features:

  • filters by motion or scenario;
  • a calendar view;
  • quick export options.

Gone are the days of sifting through endless recordings or waiting for hours just to find that one significant clip. Experience unparalleled system response speed and smooth control. The lightning-fast interface offers dual streams and instant archive access without the typical wait. Instantly jump to a specific timestamp with one click – no more tedious searching.

Rapid and encrypted data transfer

Ajax JetSparrow is the heart and brain of the Ajax video. It is responsible for all the video transmission, storage, and management.

We have developed JetSparrow — our proprietary video transmission technology to deliver an ultra-fast VMS experience. Thanks to this streaming technology, navigating through the local HDD archive feels as smooth as browsing cloud storage. As a result, browsing the archive becomes remarkably efficient, and the live view initiates without any delay.

  • Peer-to-peer transmission
  • TLS encryption
  • High stability

Notification synchronization

With the app’s system notifications, you can easily navigate to the specific camera and view the incident. This makes the app a comprehensive solution for both security and video surveillance.

High-quality alarm check

Set up a scenario in which Ajax detectors activate specific cameras and initiate video recording. Configure the video settings to immediately receive high-resolution visual alarm confirmations.

Built-in motion detection

Optimize your video archive by setting up the pixel movement detection feature. Define specific zones to ensure recordings are triggered only when movement occurs in the selected area. This conserves HDD space and streamlines archive navigation.


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