ABAX 2 Wireless Multipurpose Detector


Product Info

Wireless multipurpose detector

AXD-200 is a multifunction device operating as part of the ABAX 2/ABAX two-way wireless system. It meets the EN 50131 Grade 2 requirements.

The device can work in one of 7 modes as a magnetic contact, dual channel magnetic contact, magnetic contact with input for roller shutter detector, shock detector and magnetic contact, reorientation, temperature or flood detector. To change the mode, you must knock on the detector enclosure appropriately. This procedure is performed before enrolling the device into the controller.

Description of operating modes

Magnetic contact / dual channel magnetic contact / magnetic contact with input for roller shutter detector

  • detection of opening of a door, window, etc.
  • input for control of an NC type wire detector
  • additional digital channel for control of a wired detector (two-channel magnetic, magnetic with roller shutter input)
  • input for control of a wired roller shutter detector (detector with roller shutter input)

Shock detector and magnetic contact

  • detection of shocks and vibrations associated with attempts to force a door or window
  • detection of opening of a door, window, etc.
  • adjustment of detection sensitivity

Reorientation detector

  • detecting a change in position of an object
  • individual protection of valuable items

Temperature detector

  • temperature measurement in the range from -10°C to + 55°C
  • two programmable temperature thresholds (upper and lower)

Water flood detector

  • detection of water leakage
  • input for connecting an external flood probe FPX-1 (white), FPX-1 BR (brown) or FPX-1 DG (dark gray) – the probe available separately

AXD-200 is characterized by low energy consumption. It is powered by a CR123A 3 V lithium battery, whose condition is constantly monitored. The “ECO” option (available in ABAX 2 only) extends the device operation time even fourfold.

The built-in LED makes easier checking the device in test mode and also indicates the subsequent stages of the detector type selection process. Its configuration and firmware upgrade can be carried out remotely. Radio communication in the ABAX 2 system is AES encrypted.

The product is provided with tamper protection against opening of the enclosure and removal from the mount.

The detector is available in white (AXD-200), brown (AXD-200 BR) and dark gray (AXD-200 DG).

  • certificate of compliance with the EN 50131 requirements for Grade 2
  • option to choose one of the available detector operating modes:
    • magnetic contact
    • dual channel magnetic contact
    • magnetic contact with input for roller shutter detector
    • shock detector and magnetic contact
    • reorientation detector
    • temperature detector
    • flood detector
  • compatible with:
    • ABAX 2 system controllers (ACU-220and ACU-280) and ARU-200 radio signal repeater
    • ABAX system controllers (ACU-120, ACU-270, ACU-250 and ACU-100 (min. version 4.04), INTEGRA 128-WRL control panel and ARU-100 radio signal repeater – the required version of the device firmware should be checked in its description on the website
  • range of radio communication in the open area:
    • in ABAX 2: up to 2000 m (with ACU-220) / up to 1200 m (with ACU-280)
    • in ABAX: up to 500 m
  • remote configuration and updating of the firmware
  • built-in temperature sensor (temperature measurement in the range from -10°C to +55°C)
  • LED indicator of violations in test mode
  • low energy consumption and battery status check
  • “ECO” option for extending battery life (in ABAX 2 only)
  • power supply: CR123A 3 V battery
  • tamper protection against opening of the enclosure / removal from the mount
Product Brochures
  • S-AB2-AXD-200 Data Sheet
  • ABAX 2 Installer Brochure
  • ABAX 2 End User Brochure
  • S-AB2-AXD-200 Installation Manual