433MHz Keyfob Receiver Expansion Module for PERFECTA Panel


Product Info

433 MHz keyfob receiver expansion module kit

433MHz keyfob receiver permits the use of remote control keyfobs to control the alarm system. It makes the control of a home alarm system as simple as the control of a car alarm.

  • enables the use of 433 MHz remote control keyfobs with INTEGRA, VERSA, PERFECTA 16, PERFECTA 32, PERFECTA-T 32 panels and ACCO NET access system
  • full remote control user identification
  • flexible assignment of functions to keyfobs’ buttons
  • compatible with P-2, P-4, T-1, T-2, T-4, , MPT-300 and MPT-350 remote control keyfobs
  • small enclosure facilitates installation in a suitable place


Includes 2x MPT-300 Keyfob Remotes

Product Brochures
  • S-WLS-INT-RX-S Data Sheet
  • S-WLS-INT-RX-S Installation Manual