125Khz PROX ISO card License x 10 (HID)


Product Info
  • HID™ is activated via an activation card, purchased separately. The cards are available with either 1, 5 or 10 activations as AC-P-125-001, AC-P-125-005 and AC-P-125-010
  • The activation card will enable HID™ Prox® 125 kHz functionality on any compatible reader it is presented to which will still retain the capability to read Paxton and EM tokens. 
  • For Wiegand activation, only a single card needs to be purchased as this will allow you to toggle the Wiegand functionality at the reader.
  • To enable HID™ Prox® 125 kHz on Paxton readers, simply present your activation card to the reader you wish to activate. The readers LED’s will advise you of the success of the activation by displaying a green LED. 
  • Once the reader has indicated a successful activation, HID™ Prox® 125 kHz cards can then be added to the system via the desktop reader and used around the site.