Paxton’s Most Powerful System has Arrived!

Categories: New Products|Published On: February 28, 2022|

Paxton10 provides next generation access control and video management on a single platform. Paxton10 cameras, smart credentials and feature rich software create Paxton’s most powerful system.

The combined solution on a unified platform is undeniably useful. Paxton10 allows you to see events and video footage in one place, simplifying site management and security.

With all the benefits of complicated integrated security systems, Paxton10 makes it easy to build a complete solution. With access, video and integrated building management from one user-friendly, online interface. Paxton10 futureproofs your site’s security with ultimate simplicity built in.

Watch the Paxton10 video

Our simple video shows you all the benefits of Paxton10 in just 2 minutes.  Watch now to find out more:

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The system

Paxton10’s modular, one door controller architecture provides a cost-effective solution that supports camera and door management from a single controller. One server can support up to 1000 doors across multiple sites. One controller is required for each door on the system. One to four third party IP cameras can be controlled from a single video controller.

The Paxton10 cameras, server and controllers require zero configuration, making installation perfectly simple.

The web user interface and free Paxton Connect app offer remote access to the Paxton10 system from anywhere in the world.

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Paxton10 Key Features:



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