Net2 Anywhere Status Update

Categories: New Products|Published On: January 29, 2019|

Net2 Anywhere has been disabled in the Net2 v6.00 software update, released on 13th August. If a system is upgraded to this release the Net2 Anywhere apps will no longer work.

What will happen to Net2 Anywhere and sites using it?

  • We will continue to support sites using Net2 Anywhere while all users migrate over to Paxton Connect Admin
  • Net2 Anywhere will be discontinued on 1st April 2019

What happens now?

For greater convenience Paxton have launced their new app, Paxton Connect Admin for all features including: user admin, roll call, open door, reports and events.

What are the benefits of Paxton Connect Admin?

  • Additional level of security when signing in – utilise your smartphone’s biometric authentication
  • Manage multiple Net2 sites from one app with separate log ins
  • Simple to use with dynamic search functionality
  • For greater flexibility the app will be available for Android* and iOS** devices

Do I need to register for Paxton Connect Admin?

Yes, Net2 Anywhere registration will not carry over to Paxton Connect Admin, which means you will need to register for Paxton Connect Admin in Net2 Online. Click here to learn more.

*Requires Marshmallow v6
**Requires iOS v10.2

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