High Performance Odyssey X External Sounders

Categories: New Products|Published On: May 31, 2016|

The new Odyssey X series brings innovation and a modern twist to external sounders, providing unparalleled performance and extensive features to benefit installers and end users alike.

Odyssey X backplates are complemented by cover options in X1 and X3 form. X1 and X3 covers are currently available in a black and white frame format. Each cover is available with the following lens colour options: blue, red, white & green. X1 and X3 covers come complete with integral backlight compatibility.

Each Odyssey X features a new innovative graphic insert for the ultimate installer branding*. Available from Security Distributors Australia, these photo quality custom designed graphic inserts replace traditional screen printing, enhancing quality and removing the need for installers to stock expensive custom screen printed covers.

odyssey promo

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 *Patent Pending