GJD launches external D-TECT Pet Immune Dual Technology PIR Detector

Categories: New Products|Published On: January 12, 2018|

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GJD expands its D-TECT range with a pet tolerant outdoor detector

GJD, an award winning manufacturer of professional external detector equipment, today announced the launch of its external D-TECT Pet Immune. The new technology incorporates two PIR’s, microwave, anti-masking and a built in anti-sway system.

Accurate and reliable detection with pet immunity

The D-TECT Pet Immune will only detect an intrusion when both PIR’s and the microwave are triggered simultaneously, providing truly reliable performance and exceptional resistance to unwanted alarms. Ideal applications include residential or commercial outdoor areas where pets and other animals roam free.

Mark Tibbenham, GJD’s Managing Director commented: “D-TECT Pet Immune provides precise detection, whilst eliminating nuisance alarms. The detector is easy to install and is suitable for all weather conditions”.

System design

GJD’s D-TECT Pet Immune is designed to provide reliable immunity for animals weighing up to 30kg. Major features include covert detection, adjustable field of view and a selectable detection range up to 15 metres.

The D-TECT Pet Immune has built in anti-sway, which is an advanced filter system designed to differentiate between an intruder and the movement of wind/swaying foliage. This provides maximum detection performance and reduces false alarms in the most challenging outdoor environments.

Outstanding performance

The technology includes built in integral masking curtains and an adjustable sensor module, which enables installers to align the detector’s field of view to match the camera and associated lighting, and so improve performance and efficiency.

Key features

  • Pet tolerant for animals up to 30kg in size
  • Selectable range up to 15m
  • Covert sensor module
  • Anti-masking technology
  • Anti-sway
  • Dual PIR & microwave technology
  • Compliant with industry regulations
  • Durable weather-proof aesthetically pleasing design

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