CD-2 Indoor Curtain Detectors

Categories: New Products|Published On: February 28, 2023|

Invisible curtains guarding the windows and doors inside your home or business.

The CD-2 detector is equipped with a passive infrared (PIR) sensor, which detects movement in the supervised area.

The CD-2 use a digital algorithm of motion detection and temperature compensation, which makes it exceptionally resistant to false alarms. Sensitivity of the CD-2 motion sensor is adjusted manually, using potentiometers located on the detector’s electronics board.


CD-2 applications

The CD-2 is easy to install. the CD-2 enclosure is opened with a special tool (included with the detectors), preventing any scratching. The detector is supplied with specially selected components, which can be used to attach the detectors to almost any surface.

The CD-2 detector is designed to provide effective interior protection without negative impact on building décor. Their small size makes them easy to install in window recesses or by doors. The detectors come in three available colours: white, brown, and dark grey, making it easy to match them to your interior.

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CD-2 is available in three colour options: white (CD-2), brown (CD-2 BR) and dark grey (CD-2 DG).

  • motion detection using a passive infrared sensor (PIR)
  • adjustable sensitivity of motion detection
  • digital algorithm of motion detection
  • digital temperature compensation
  • lens designed specifically for SATEL short range curtain detectors
  • LED for optical signalling
  • monitoring of motion detection system and power supply voltage
  • tamper protection against opening the enclosure and against tearing the enclosure off the ground

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