Manchester United - Case Study

Manchester United - Old Trafford

Manchester United - Case Study

Manchester United Football Club is using the Net2 system from Paxton to control the egress of fans at its grounds at Old Trafford. Although primarily an access control system, the Net2 software has been specially adapted to meet the club’s exact requirements. The result is a system that is both simple to operate and highly effective, allowing for the upmost flexibility in controlling the crowds.

Manchester United Football Club needs no introduction. With 330 million supporters world wide, its fame has spread well beyond the borders of the UK. As one of the founding members of the UK premier league, its home stadium at Old Trafford has almost iconic status with the club’s fans.

With a capacity of 76,000, security and the safe movement of both home and visiting fans on match days is of paramount importance to the club.

On match days, entrance to the ground is controlled via turnstiles, while departure is facilitated via a series of exit gates at the rear of the stands. These gates are collectively opened at around three quarter time to allow for the safe egress of supporters.

Mark Gyves, Manchester United’s Electrical Services Manager, explains: “We had a system in place which enabled us to open and lock exit gates on an individual basis. However it would be more convenient to have the flexibility to individually and collectively release and lock these gates. The system was dated, and when the new quadrants were built in 2007, it was not possible to extend the existing system as it was no longer in production.

Garndene Communications Ltd, who has been working with Manchester United since 2004, was asked to source a suitable solution for the new quadrants. They suggested using Net2 – an access control system from Paxton. Although the system was required for egress rather than access control, Garndene was confident that the Net2 system could do the job.

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