Introducing BioStation 3 – The New Door Access Experience from Suprema

Categories: New Products|Published On: March 27, 2023|
The New Door Access Experience from Suprema

BioStation 3 by Suprema offers a new door access experience that challenges the entire access control industry. It’s a small, slim terminal about the size of a smartphone, suitable for any size of door or company.

Featuring a Neural Processing Unit that supercharges its AI engine and a range of contactless credentials built for the post-COVID world, BioStation 3 is perfect for high-traffic areas where both speed and accuracy are of paramount importance.

The BioStation 3 is on display in our showroom in Balcatta, so get in contact with us to organise your demo!

Otherwise, watch the video below to learn more about The New Door Access Experience from Suprema!

Multiple Contactless Access Methods

Demand for contactless access control is stronger than ever in the post-COVID era, which is why Suprema developed the 100% contactless BioStation 3 terminal.

Fast and Smart AI Optimized for Facial Recognition Access

Suprema took its facial recognition technology to the next level. BioStation 3 is a high-tech edge device that can run AI algorithm locally. It uses an NPU, or Neural Processing Unit, to maximize the performance of its AI engine.

Combined with Suprema’s domain knowledge and experience as a two-decade access control leader, BioStation 3’s NPU-optimized AI algorithm offers the highest standards in facial recognition accuracy and speed


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