5 Key factors when specifying LED Illumination

Categories: Case Studies|Published On: October 6, 2021|

One of the biggest challenges faced by a security professional is to ensure that video footage is 100% effective. This is made certain by making sure that there is always enough illumination on a given scene. Therefore, it is crucial to have high quality illumination during the hours of darkness. An easy way to achieve accurate and reliable CCTV footage is through the use of effective LED illuminators on-site.



Key factors:

  1. Coverage distance – ensuring that there is enough light output for your illuminator(s) to provide enough illumination on the scene.
  2. Field of view angle – determining the horizontal field of view angle from the camera and illuminator(s) to the scene will help in the selection of the most suitable illuminator(s) for the job. If you know your camera chip size and lens configuration, then determining the horizontal field of view angle is straightforward.
  3. Diffuser lenses – It is important to consider the need for diffuser lenses with your chosen illuminator(s) in order to help best achieve even illumination across a scene. The use of interchangeable diffuser lenses can enable the installer to quickly change the field of view angle of an illuminator if necessary.
  4. Reliability, maintenance and running costs – major deciding factors in choosing one LED illuminator manufacturer over another is the reliability of their product, the ease of installation and the long term running costs.
  5. Wavelength – selecting Infra-Red and/or White-Light LED illuminator(s) for your project will be determined by the application and camera type used on-site. InfraRed illuminators are normally used for discrete covert applications and/or with monochrome CCTV cameras. White-Light illuminators are normally preferred when the scene is required to be illuminated for people walking at night or to deter them from entering the area. Normally coloured CCTV cameras are chosen for these applications.

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